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Ramzi Nassar, President
Lyzette SanGermain, President  
407-595-5721, A Free Service Website Aimed At Uniting
Disasters/Accidents Victims and Pets With Their Loved Ones
February 6, 2007
In a collaborative effort, the Presidents of Recruitment and Engineering Products and Services
(REPS) and The Parenting Notebook Company (TPN), Mr. Ramzi Nassar and Mrs. Lyzette SanGermain
respectively, announced the launch of website.   While the work toward building
this site has been ongoing for weeks, the devastating tornadoes in Central Florida on February 3,
2007 led both individuals to dedicate more resources to this project in order to expedite the launch
date of the site. “If one person is aided as a result of using this site then our community oriented
project would be worth every resource we have put into it” said Mr. Nassar, an expert in designing
disaster preparedness solutions. is a free website designed to help victims and family members find each other in
the chaos that follows a tragedy.  With shelter workers aiding in the sign up process, out of town
family members have a way of finding their loved ones.  In addition, serves as a
tool for people to list their lost pets and for a Good Samaritan to unite a lost pet with its family.

“Hurricane Katrina was our wake up call that this type of service was so desperately needed and
so often lacking” said Mrs. SanGermain, a successful attorney, who has dedicated her career to
helping families.  “The disaster resulting from the latest tornados made it clear to us that we needed
to take action immediately.”

Both Mr. Nassar and Mrs. SanGermain have lived in Central Florida for years, having witnessed first
hand the ravages of hurricanes.  Committed to being of service to their community, they believe this
website will provide help in an uncertain enviroment.  Their hope is that other individuals and
organizations will join their efforts and spread the word about  
Together, we can make a difference